About us

Trevessu is an association committed to promoting cultural, social, and environmental initiatives. Born in the vibrant city of Iglesias, the association is dedicated to creating a positive impact in the community through innovative and inclusive projects.

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Our values

Trevessu envisions a world where culture, sustainability, and social inclusion are interwoven, creating stronger and more aware communities. We firmly believe in the power of education and art as tools for social change.

Environmental Projects

Our environmental projects, such as the creation of urban gardens, aim to strengthen the community's connection with nature and promote sustainable practices.

Social Commitment

With projects like the "Bibliocabina Project", we strive to promote social inclusion and education. We provide training in digital and social media, contributing to the professional and social integration of participants.

Cultural Initiatives

Trevessu is committed to spreading musical and artistic culture. Our goal is to provide platforms for emerging artists and encourage cultural dialogue in our community.