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Summer is mine

On the weekend of July 28-29, 2017, the city of Iglesias hosted a significant cultural event: the "Summer is Mine" independent music festival, held at the middle school gym on Via Toti. This festival attracted music enthusiasts from across the region, offering a platform for emerging talents and independent artists.

In this context, the Trevessu association played a pivotal role. They not only participated in the festival but also actively contributed to its realization. Their main task was to set up the area near the concert stages. Demonstrating their commitment to sustainability and creativity, they designed and created the furnishings using recycled materials, particularly wooden pallets. This approach not only provided an ecological solution but also added a unique and artistic touch to the festival's ambiance.

Besides their contribution to the setup, Trevessu used the event to expand their social and community network. During the festival, they launched a membership drive to attract new members. This offered attendees a chance to join an organization actively promoting cultural and environmental initiatives in their city.

The "Summer is Mine" event and Trevessu's involvement exemplified how music, art, and ecology could converge to create unique and meaningful experiences. The festival was a success, not just for the quality of the music and artists present but also for the community-oriented and sustainable atmosphere that organizations like Trevessu managed to create.